Thursday, 28 June 2012

Garden Renovation. One Year On. 28.06.12

There seem to be a dearth of photos from the house renovation this time last year; I don't know why - perhaps we were getting bored of it by then?! Or we may have been away. However, I did find this little beauty while trawling through the hundreds of badly organised photo files on my pooter:

Taken on Tuesday 28th of June 2011. Hubby was up the scaffolding admiring the new roof on the two-storey extension when he had the foresight to snap this shot too.
Compare and contrast to the shot I've just taken this evening, Thursday 29th of June 2012. This was taken from our bedroom window so the angle isn't quite the same, but it's not far off.
Would you believe from the first photo that there was a lovely old gate in the back wall? Or that we had a fence to the right side of the garden? Or that there was a gravel path on the right as well? Hubby (with some help from my Mum and a little help from me) has done such a good job of clearing, cutting back, weeding, tidying, replacing the rotten fence, re-gravelling the paths, planting veggies for us to enjoy over the coming months, and generally making the garden a much more pleasant place to be. Well done hubby!

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  1. You know I love a garden wall, but one with a door in it - ooh it seems kind of magical! Can you tell I love d The Secret Garden?!?!


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