Saturday, 9 June 2012

House Renovation. One Year On. 09.06.12

Our little holiday caused a little hiatus in my daily renovation update posts, but I'm back on it now with a few photos from today/a year ago today.

Here's the back of the house on Thursday 9th of June 2011. The extension is really taking shape here, now that the builders have moved on to the second storey

And today, Saturday 9th of June 2012. DC's (little-used) swing seat is taking pride of place on the lawn...
The only internal shot I took of the house this time last year was this one of our bedroom.
And here it is this evening; not quite the same angle, but other walls have been built since the shot above that prevent me standing in exactly the same spot.
 Now let's head down to the bottom of the garden. Here's a shot from 9th of June 2011, along the back wall.
And the same spot this evening, Saturday 9th of June 2012. Hasn't hubby done a fabulous job to get this veggie bed planted and thriving?
And then a shot into the other corner of the garden on Thursday 9th of June 2011. When I first looked at this photo I couldn't actually work out where it was taken of/from, but then I finally figured out that the grey area in the top right is the roof of the woodshed.
 And here's the same spot one year on - Saturday 9th of June 2012. Quite a difference, don't you think?! The fruit cage has been taken down, the plants cut back (you can see one of the surviving gooseberry bushes in the bottom left of the photo), the paths have been laid with gravel and the chicken run/enclosure has been built.

When we were out working in the garden this afternoon I was feeling rather despondent about everything that is still left to be tackled, but when I look back on photos like this and see how far we've come in a year, I should feel proud! Imagine how far we'll have got by next year. Britain in Bloom, here we come...

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  1. Your yard is looking spectacular, what a load of work you've done.


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