Tuesday, 19 June 2012

House Renovation. One Year On. 19.06.12

Back on the renovation trail, here we have the apex at the back of the house nearing completion on Sunday the 19th of June 2011. Here's hoping the rain held off as that ominous black cloud hovers overhead!
And here it is today, Tuesday 19th June 2012. Complete with windows, doors and an alarm box. And, even more miraculously, a blue sky.
 Here's a photo of the entire back of the house on Sunday the 19th of June 2011; you can see the roof timbers are on the single storey extension to the left, and the roof truss on the ground waiting to be hoisted in to place for the roof of the two-storey extension.
And here's the back of the house this evening, Tuesday 19th of June 2012. Apologies for the fact that it's deep in shadow - the evening sun falls more at the bottom of the garden at this time in the evening.
 And here's a shot at the bottom of the garden on Sunday the 19th of June 2011, looking through the masses and masses of raspberry canes towards the woodshed. (We had a fabulous raspberry harvest last year and lots of jam was made!)
And this evening, Tuesday 19th of June 2012. A lovely sunny spot at the bottom of the garden (hubby and I were discussing perhaps having a wooden greenhouse combined with a summerhouse in this spot once the woodshed is beyond hope [and when we've won the lottery].) The raspberry canes are still there, but have been trimmed back to a more manageable height; fingers crossed for another bumper harvest since the jam supplies are running very low.
 Slowly, but surely things are taking shape.

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  1. It's great to have these photos exactly a year on. Sometimes you can feel like you're not making much progress but you've worked wonders in 12 months!


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