Sunday, 29 July 2012

Beautiful Barrington Court (with a bit of Gormley thrown in)

Last week I took myself off to the National Trust's Barrington Court for the morning. It's only about a 10 minute drive from where we live, which means it's very easy to pop in for a short visit. I particularly wanted to go to see Antony Gormley's Field for the British Isles which is on display in the main house until the end of August. However, I thought it would be best to get my visit in before the school summer holidays start and things get busy.

The tea room and gardens at Barrington Court open at 10am, so after dropping DC at nursery and with a short detour via the shops in Ilminster, I arrived just after opening time. Obviously, my first stop was the tea room where I partook of a nice strong coffee to set me up for the day while flicking through a magazine. Then, about 10.40am I took a leisurely stroll through the gardens towards the house which opened at 11am.

First stop was the walled kitchen garden. Super asparagus beds. Must suggest to hubby that we plant some.

Some impressive artichokes. YUM!

Plenty of brassicas.

Slightly more actractive water butt than the plastic ones we've got.

After the kitchen garden it was time to admire the rose garden and all the other beautifully-planted areas on the way to the house.

Short detour to the shop

where I was amazed to see Christmas cards already on sale!

Glorious fig tree on the wall outside the shop; I'd love to plant one of these against the wall in our garden. I lurve figs.

And finally, I made it to the house. We've been here before, but because we had DC with us, hubby and I didn't really get a good look round so I thought I'd take the opportunity this time to do the full, self-guided tour.

The tour starts you off upstairs

where you can admire the facilities...

This bathroom was used by boys who were evacuated to the house during World War II.
These are the racks they kept their belongings on.

 Here are a few more photos of the rooms upstairs:

The long gallery; perfect for a cricket match or two.

Thn it was time to head down another set of stairs

To be greeted by a few, well 40,000, friendly faces.

Then it was back to the tea room by way of the:
What's not to like?!

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