Thursday, 12 July 2012

House Renovation. One Year On With Slight Delay. 07.07.12

Back on the year-on-year renovation bandwagon, here are a very small number of photos from Thursday 7th of July 2011. Here's a corner of DC's room with the first fix electrics going in. I think trying to decide where we might need electric plug sockets/TV aerial sockets was one of the most difficult things about the entire build. How on earth do you know where you might need to plug in a light, kettle, TV, toaster, computer, stereo when you have never lived in the house/have completely redesigned the house/have no idea where the furniture is going to go when you finally move in? We made a boo-boo with this particular plug and TV aerial socket combo.
As you can see from the photo taken today, Thursday 12th of July 2012, the sockets are completely hidden/inaccessible behind the wardobe and toy cupboard; well done us. Luckily we managed to plug the baby monitor in before the toy cupboard went in place so all was not lost, but still.
 A quick glimpse out of DC's bedroom window. Here's the garden one year ago.
 And here it is today. Slightly less overgrown and waaaay more productive. Look, we have a path and a woodshed (not to mention toddler-related plastic junk); who'd've thunk it?
 And just one more shot inside DC's room on Thursday 8th of July 201. Originally this section of the room was part of the landing, but we decided to move the door back and have this little entrance 'corridor' inside the room, as it would otherwise have been wasted space.
And here's the same space now, complete with ABC flashcards along the wall re-arranged by DC in a haphazard fashion after I'd meticulously attached them to the wall in the usual A-B-C way. Ho hum.

You can just about see from this photo taken when we'd just bought the house back in July of 2010 that the doorway was further into the room that it is now.

And that's it for today, just a short post as I didn't take many photos on the 7th of July 2011; the 8th is a different matter altogether though; you have been warned!

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