Friday, 20 July 2012

House Renovation. One Year On. 20.07.12

Here's the kitchen area of the open plan living space on the 20th of July 2011; you can see how work on the electrics is coming on - each of those wires in the ceiling represents a spotlight; you can imagine the *fun* we had trying to decide where they should go since we had no idea what the space would  look like when eventually finished, where the furniture would go, etc...

And here's the same space today, Friday 20th July. Seems that we got most of the spotlights in the right place. In hindsight we may have put in an extra set in the dining area, but it's not an issue without them.
Looking over towards the living area of the downstairs space on Wednesday the 20th of July 2011. The plasterboard has gone up and more electrical work in underway.
And today, Friday 20th of July 2012. We're not sure we got the socket/aerial for the TV in the right place over in that corner, we still debate whether it would be better in the middle of the wall, but it's fine until we finally decide what to do with that long wall that currently houses DC's tool bench and keyboard...

 Another shot of the living area back on 20th July 2011.
And today; pretty much as messy as it was a year ago. In fact, probably more so.
 Here's a random shot of one wall in the guest room back on the 20th of July 2011. I think I took it because the plumbing had just been removed - you can see a hole in the floorboard where a water pipe was once and the pink paint on the wall shows where the sink once sat.
And today, Friday 20th July 2012. No more random sink in room; now a random chair instead.
 Another wall in the guest room.
And the same wall today. Not very inspiring, eh?!
 Here's the landing on Wednesday 20th of July 2011. The plastering had been done on the wall and ceiling outside of our bedroom.
And today; looking a little better.
 Here's the largest wall in our bedroom, all freshly plastered and shiney looking back on 20th July 2011.
And here it is today; not so shiney, but bright white instead. And with an unkempt bed, for shame.
  Here's hubby in silhouette in our bedroom, back in July 2011.
 And the same space today. Much brighter. But still messy (do you detect a theme going on with the mess?)

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  1. I love following these pictures, so clever to be able to do them exactly 1 year on; I'd never be so organised! It's a fantastic room, I'd love a huge family room.


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