Friday, 13 July 2012

House Renovation. One Year On With Slight Delay. 08.07.12

Here I am standing in what would become the kitchen area, looking into the living area back on Friday the 8th of July 2011. Everything from the pillar in the middle to the windows is part of the new extension; everything behind the pillar is the original house.
And this is today, Friday the 13th (oooo, ominous) of July 2012. A slightly different angle, I realise, but I think you get the gist. Pretty similar in terms of messiness.
Odd shot of a wall. The orange patches show where the kitchen cabinets and radiator once were.
Today this wall is part of the dining area, since we removed/moved the kitchen into the new extension.
Here's the extension pretty much finished on 8th July 2011 in terms of blockwork; just the windows, ceiling, flooring, plasterboard, etc, etc still to add... The shallow trench in the floor is where the wall used to stand that divided the utility room (to the left) from the dining room (to the right) when we first bought the house. Where I'm standing is where the kitchen used to be.
And today; very differnt and very much on the way to being finished. We still want to add an island unit, but otherwise the kitchen is pretty much as we want it. Complete with small child running wild.

Out in the hallway, and we've said a fond farewell to the stinky old downstairs loo that blocked the light and made the entrance way feel very hemmed in.
That's better. Much more open these days, and plenty of room to store cricket pads...
Up on the landing, as per the photo yesterday and things are still looking 'rustic' back in July 2011, as we look through the doorway into what would become the master bedroom.
Much nicer today, 13th July 2012. Although we still seem to be using the bannisters to hang things from.
This is one of the front bedrooms on Friday 8th July 2011. The stud wall has been added between this room and the new bathroom; the area where the wall was used to be the front of a wall of wardrobes; the space that was inside the wardrobes was 'stolen' to make part of the bathroom.
And today; my terrible photography skills make it look like the room is now on a slope. But, rest assured, the floor is level; I, on the other hand, am clearly not.
 Still in the same room, but looking in the opposite direction out over the field to the front of the house.
 You can't see much of a change really, except that we now have a radiator and some furniture cluttering up the room. The windows are new, but it's hard to tell (unless you look at the credit card bill...) 
 Across the landing and here's DC's room on Friday 8th of July 2011. Being used as a repository for plasterboard by the looks of things.
 These days it's more of a repository for cuddly toys.
Do you like his soldiers picture? Picked it up in the John Lewis sale recently. I think it's fab and before I hung it on the wall, DC used to bang the drums as he walked past.

And here's the other corner of DC's room.
On the other side of the wall of DC's room, is the master bedroom. On Friday the 8th of July 2011 the studwork for the wardrobes/wall of the ensuite was going up.
And today, here are the wardrobes/door into the ensuite. Much better - the 'see-through' wall look wasn't really my cup of tea.

In the ensuite on Friday 8th of July 2011, here's the space that would become the shower.
Ta-daaahhhh. Here it is today; complete with actual showering facilities. And a lot of toiletry-based mess.
At the other end of the ensuite - dreaful photo because I was looking into the light, but you get the idea.
And today - look, we have a window; and a toilet! And clutter.
Here's the view out of what would become the ensuite into what would become the master bedroom. Everything to the left of the RSJ in the ceiling is new extension; everything to the right is part of the original house.
And today, Friday 13th of July 2012. A bed, no less - aren't we the lucky ones!

 A quick shot out of the bedroom window on Friday 8th of July 2011.
And today, Friday 13th of July 2012. A bit tidier, thank goodness!
Phew, I'm nearly up to date. Just a couple more days and I should be there.

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