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House Renovation. One Year On With Slight Delay. 06.07.12

Bit of a hiatus in the renovation updates, I've not had the chance to blog for a few days and I've also not been in the mood for sitting at the computer of an evening (not when there's Big Brother needing to be watched; what? don't hate me for my viewing habits!) Anyway, I'll get back on the pony now and do a few catch-up posts. Here we are, five days late, but what's a few days between friends, eh?

Big changes to the outside of the house since my last set of photos - no more scaffolding! A complete back wall! An entire roof! It's starting to look like an actual house on Wednesday 6th of July 2011.

And one year on it's even more like an actual house - there are windows! and a patio!and a go-kart!
Look at that gorgeous blue sky back in 2011. None of that malarkey this year.
Oh, and we have an outside light and an alarm - so be warned!

Moving inside; let's pop upstairs; first door on the left - the guest bedroom. Looking cosy with all those rolls of insulation and a comfy bedframe... Fancy staying the night?
Things have improved somewhat in the comfort stakes... Here we are in July 2012. Staying the night isn't such a chore for guests these days (I hope.)

Along the landing things were looking somewhat rustic, shall we say?
A bit better now - we have doors, we have walls, we have a ceiling, we have floors and carpet, we have painted bannisters and new spindles instead of the dreadful brown 'fence' type thing that wouldn't pass muster in the health and safety checks these days (something to do with children and small animals falling between the gaps. These days they can just get their heads stuck and wait while we call the fire brigade.)
Talking of having walls - here's the wall for our bedroom and the entrance to DC's room being installed back on Wednesday 6th of July 2011.
And here it is now. And lucky old DC even has a door into his room!

And here's the stud work frame for the bathroom wall, back on 6 July 2011.
It's quite something now - proper walls, a floor, a bath and even a toilet - my, you are spoiling us!

 Back to the master bedroom - this is the wall separating our room from DC's; studwork and plasterboard on 6th July 2011.
 Actually doesn't look all that different one year on. Perhaps it's time we got some wallpaper up on that wall.
And on the other side of the wall, in DC's room, things weren't looking any better.
 Whereas now, he's got wardrobes and toy cupboards galore.
Popping back to the master bedroom again with a little look at the window 'holes' on Wednesday 6th of July 2011.
Compared to 2012 - we have windows, we have plastered/painted walls, we have a ceiling, we have built-in wardrobes, we have furniture!
The view from the bedroom into what is now the en-suite.
 Can't get the same shot now that the wall and wardrobes are in the way. But that's a good thing since that's where the toilet is, and I'm not keen on the 'bathroom in the bedroom' look.

 Up one more flight of stairs and you come to the rooms in the roof. This one, on the left at the top of the stairs is now my office. On Wednesday 6th of July 2011 it was a rubbish repository.
Actually, one year on it's still a repository for rubbish; just a different kind of rubbish. Messy, aren't I? Still, it's my office and it's tucked away out of sight, so I think I'm allowed to hoard my detritus up here. And there are some improvements from a year ago - new Velux window, new lights in the ceiling (ahh, so sad to see the back of the flourescent tube light - not), new carpet, a radiator (such luxury.)

Looking back down the stairs which lead up to the offices, here's the view from 6 July 2011.
And now: ahh, that's better - nicer bannister/spindles, new carpet, a radiator, new windows, freshly painted, and even some pictures on the wall. It's almost a pleasure to go up to work...

Tune in tomorrow for some more July year-on-year improvements!

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