Monday, 19 January 2009

A Busy Weekend

Friday morning hubby & I had the joy of a five-hour antenatal class. Yes sireee, five whole hours. Truth be told, neither of us was really looking forward to it, but in actual fact the time flew by and it wasn't too bad at all. We learnt all about different forms of pain relief for labour and practised breathing exercises. The breathing business was quite remarkable - I couldn't feel a thing; it seems that as long as I remember to take a few deep breaths labour will be a doddle... And apparently eating Jaffa Cakes helps too.

After the class we popped to the solicitors to start the house-buying process (did I tell you we've bought a house?!); then it was a quick foray in to Starbucks for a Gingerbread Latte and then back to the car for the three-hour drive to Wigan (hubby's home town), via IKEA in Warrington where we bought some cheap shower curtains in preparation for the home birth (I'll let you figure out why we think we might need these.)

Saturday we popped round to Mark & Fiona's to meet baby Dylan who was born just 11 days earlier. Hubby & I practised our baby-holding techniques and discovered that it can really make your arm ache. Almost impossible to believe that in six or so weeks we'll have one of these baby things ourselves, for real and for ever. YIKES.

Then it was off to Winstanleys Pram World where we finally got round to ordering a pram, which hubby's mum very kindly bought for us. Quite a weight off my mind to have finally ordered it, although hubby was a bit concerned when I started wondering round looking at prams that weren't the one we'd already decided on. He had pretty much lost the will to live when it comes to pram-choosing; it's not easy at all - there are so many different options. And even now I'm thinking to myself have we made the right choice since the one we bought doesn't come with a cup holder, so where on earth am I supposed to put my Latte?

Then hubby & I went to Cedar Farm Gallery for some lunch, a visit to the lovely animals they have there and a look at the craft shops where I bought myself a lovely felt flower brooch to brighten up my wrap. Am thinking that making felt brooches looks like a very easy thing to do. Perhaps this knitting lark is the wrong thing to be spending my time on.

Then it was back to the homestead where I promptly fell asleep til 6pm when it was time to put my party outfit on and make my way downstairs where a 70th birthday party was in full swing. Or in as much 'swing' as a 70th can be. I managed to sustain my party-going until about 10.30pm, but then had to leave everyone to it and wind my weary way to bed.

Sunday we made a quick visit to one of hubby's chums and by 1pm were on the way back down south; home by 4pm and an evening spent catching up with the lovely Sky+; two episodes of Coronation Street - what more could you ask for on a cold winter's evening?

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