Sunday, 18 January 2009

This Time Last Year

We were spending the day at Universal Studios in LA. We would have spent longer at Universal had we not got stuck on one of LA's nightmare freeways which appear to have no exits, which meant we went miles out of way before having to backtrack across the city.

Universal wasn't bad - the tour around the studios and backlots was really interesting, especially when we got to see Wisteria Lane (much smaller in real life than it looks on the tv), but the rides were a little disappointing. I was most upset that The Mummy ride was closed, since The Mummy is one of my favourite films. Hubby was disappointed because The Mummy had replaced the Back to the Future ride, so it was sad faces all round. We finished our day at Universal with a visit to the cinema to see Sweeney Todd, which we enjoyed. Then it was back to Santa Monica for a takeout pizza and bed by 9pm - jetlag still going strong.

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