Sunday, 25 January 2009

Hello Aubrey; Who's Your Friend?

Oh, this is Bramble, he's my slightly paler cousin. Handsome chap, isn't he? He's off oop north to live with Dylan; I really think he should be wearing a coat and possibly carrying an umbrella as I've heard it can be cold and wet oop north. But you know what these youngsters are like, there's just no telling them.

And why is he called Bramble, I hear you ask? Well, Dylan is a big fan of Wigan Athletic Football Club (although at just under three weeks old, he probably doesn't know it yet), and hubby (also a Wigan fan) suggested this new bear should be named after a Wigan player. Clearly that did limit the options somewhat. I was all set to call him Emile until Mr Heskey hotfooted it to Aston Villa. Other possiblities were Zaki, Lee, Wilson (until he was sold to Spurs), Mario, Paul or Maynor. But I think I was right to go for Bramble. And here is a photo of the man himself - quite a likeness wouldn't you agree?!
And, on a completely different note - this was the bday cake I got for hubby this year. Hubby luuuurves Mr Kipling's French Fancies, so when I saw this giant one nestled on the cake shelves in Strescos, how could I resist?

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