Monday, 12 January 2009

We Survived

Hubby & I had our first antenatal class on Thursday night. We were a little nervous that we could be surrounded by clog-wearing, yoghurt-knitting, tree-hugging, cross-legged on the yoga mat types but, from first impressions, we seem to have struck lucky. Everyone seemed pretty normal. So far, at least. There are plenty more sessions for people to reveal their true colours.
Out of the eight ladies there, I'm the only one who is hoping for a home birth. One lady was asking me all about it, since she was under the impression that you can't have your first baby at home - don't know where she got that idea from. I think there was a frisson of interest as well when the lady teaching the class mentioned that ladies having home births get two midwives assigned to them, whereas in hospital you have to make do with one between however many ladies decide to go in to labour at the same time. (Actually, it might not be that bad, but hospital births definitely don't get two midwives each.) Keep all your fingers and toesies crossed that I can actually have a home birth, because I don't really want to go in to hopsital if I can help it. Also, keep everything crossed that I go in to labour on a Monday or a Friday so there are two episodes of Coronation Street to keep me occupied in between contractions.

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