Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Jack's Back

Yey! Hubby & I are mucho pleased. Last night the new series of 24 started.
We are big fans of Jack Bauer and have been looking forward to Series Seven very much. You can tell how much I like it because I managed to stay up til nearly 11pm to watch the first two episodes, when usually I would have been slumped in bed by 9.30pm.

Scary thing is, by the time this series finishes, there will be three of us watching it. Clearly we'll have to fill Delightful Child in on what has already happened (although perhaps DC can hear the tv from in the safe confines of my tummy and knows what the plot is so far), but it's a very scary thought.

And to top it all, tonight is the new series of CSI; and what a way to end the last series with Warwick being shot! Not to mention the fact that the new series of CSI:New York started on Saturday night. And then there's Relocation Relocation. So there is pretty much no need to ever venture out of the house ever again, which is lucky as I've heard a rumour that when you have a small baby your life pretty much comes to an end.


  1. I thought that was Nathan in fancy dress

  2. I know, it was a holiday in our own house when it started...but not thinking it is as good this season...thoughts???


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