Saturday, 21 February 2009

10 Days To Go

Eek, nearly in single figures. Delightful Child is due in just ten days time. Am in two minds about whether an early arrival would be a good thing, or whether I should be making the most of being on maternity leave and just generally having some time to myself. So far in my week of maternity leave I have managed to fit in another scan at the hospital (which predicted bubs already weighs 8lbs 1oz - ouch), a trip to the hairdressers to colour in those pesky grey hairs, a facial at the spa in Henley, and lunch with my work chums. Not to mention several visits to shops and coffee-vending establishments. Oh, and did I mention, I'm also still doing some work from home (proofreading - so not overly taxing)?

I've got a few things pencilled in the diary next week (trip to Bristol to see the folks and go to IKEA, a massage, and Book Club; plus I still need to finish that scarf I started knitting aeons ago) so perhaps bubs should hold on tight for a little longer til I've got a free day...

Has spring sprung where you all are? It certainly seems to have here. This is all that's left of the giant snowman that hubby built a couple of weeks back:

Am keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have any more snow this year as I really don't want to be snowed in when I go in to labour.

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