Monday, 16 February 2009

Famous Faces

On Saturday my mum came to visit so, after dropping hubby at his allotment, we toddled in to Henley for a spot of lunch, like you do. Our coffee shop of choice was a little busy, but we managed to find two seats right in the window but, unfortunately, also right next to the door which meant we were treated to a blast of icey air each time someone came in or left. So, we had to snuggle up as far in to the corner as possible, right next to some poor chap who was quietly reading the paper and enjoying a cup of tea. It wasn't until he got up to leave (which, unsurprisingly with us two practically sitting on his lap, wasn't long after) that I realised we had been cosying up to Nick Heyward of 80s pop band Haircut 100. As he got up, I asked him whether he was finished as mother and I were quite interested in moving along to his seat to get out of the draft and he was very smiley and polite. So, not only did I speak to him, I also got to sit on his warm seat. Just goes to show, you're never too far away from a famous face (or derriere) in good old Henley. I used to have a poster of him on my wall when I was a teenybopper.

Look at those jumpers! Nick Heyward is the one in the blue. Oh my.

Then, on Sunday, hubby & I went to Marylebone High Street to meet some friends and as we were in Divertimenti (fab kitchen shop), I spotted a famous actor. Although not famous enough for me to remember his name or anything he's been in so I can't tell you who he was. And that is really bugging me. I did that thing where you look at someone and think 'Ooo, where do I know you from?', and then you realise you know them from 'off the telly' and not in real life.

Prior to seeing famous/not-so-famous actor in Divertimenti, we'd been in the Cath Kidston shop where I treated myself to some pretty dusters(not sure whether to let the cleaner use them [did I mention we have a cleaner now - how posh are we?!], or keep them for show) and some storage tins. No idea what I'm going to store in them, but I thought they were rather pretty. So perhaps I'll just put them out on display with nothing in them at all.

And now it's Monday and I'm officially on maternity leave! Woo hoo. No more work for me for the foreseeable future (except the baby-looking after kind of work). I hardly know what to do with myself, except go to the hospital tomorrow for an antenatal appointment and scan, hairdressers on Wednesday and a facial on Thursday. Oh, and a meeting at the pub on Friday with the antenatal group. Maybe I'll be able to fill my time...


  1. I would just like to point out that I got a text from Wifey and she said she had talked to Nick Kershaw.

    I texted back 'was he talking in riddles?'

    At which point she said oh I meant Nick Heyward, me thinks the wife's 80 pop trivia is not that good...

  2. The actor will be 'that bloke off the Bill'

    It always is.

    Enjoy mate leave... at least the pre DC bit!


  3. What you didn't say is, is he still good looking in a cute way?


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