Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Great Escape

When you've finished whistling the tune from said film, you can carry on reading...

Finally, I have been able to leave the homestead. On Sunday, our v posh neighbours offered to come round with their 4x4 and tow our car out of its snowy/slushy/muddy quagmire and up on to the lane, from whence we could make haste to civilisation. Usually I don't have much time for the old 'Chelsea Tractor', but at least in the countryside it has its uses and, as hubby suggested, were we to live in the countryside permanently, we would probably invest in one of these behemoths ourselves, in order to survive these increasingly nasty winters. And to look trendy when we go to London.

So, having been towed out we made the most of our new-found freedom and hot-footed it into the buzz that is Henley on a Sunday at 4pm... Strangely, not much was going on, but I did manage to pay a visit to Boots to pick up a prescription and hubby went to the Oxfam Book Shop with a donation of books he has decided he is just never going to get round to reading. Hubby & I are big on reading and we each have an alcove chock full of shelves groaning under the weight of, as yet, unread books mostly purchased from charity shops - neither of us can reisit a book-shaped bargain. I suggested the other day that we start writing the date we buy our books inside them so that we can tell exactly how long they've been languishing on our shelves and then if they've been there too long (although not sure how we quantify 'too long') they have to be donated to charity. You can tell what an exciting life I have when I can think up this fun idea!

But I digress, after the excitement of Boots and the Oxfam shop, it was time to relax with a coffee and a cake in Caffe Nero, before heading home. In Henley it had been tipping down with rain the entire time we were there, but as we drove home so the rain turned to snow - great, more of the darn stuff! We had learnt our lesson though, and parked up on the lane rather than risking getting the car stuck on the track again, and so we then had the treat of trudging through 6 inches of the white stuff to get to the front door. Have you guessed yet that I'm not a fan of snow?!

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