Saturday, 7 February 2009

Snow Day No.6

This white stuff is getting to be a little bit tedious now. I managed to go to work on Wednesday as the snow had cleared quite well, in fact there was none at all by the time I'd driven the 5 miles down the hill in to Henley and also none in Reading where I work. Luckily, from a weather point of view, Wednesday was also the day when the overly-cautious doctor with whom I had my 36-week check up, declared a medical emergency and suggested I make haste to the Day Assessment Unit at the hospital. Well, I must admit I didn't exactly make haste and it was in fact two hours later that hubby & I eventually got there (firstly I went home and had a shower and washed my hair since I was nervous they might keep me I overnight and I have a bit of a 'thing' about public bathing facilities; and secondly, I also had some tea as I've not heard good things about hospital food and I do rather like eating.)

So, off we trekked to the hospital where we had about an hour-and-a-half's wait to be seen and then another hour-and-a-half of me being monitored and donating my blood for testing. Anyhoo, to cut a long story short, three hours later we were homeward bound with the all-clear. At least we had a chance to have a look at the matnerity unit of the hospital where I'll have to give birth if, for whatever reason, I can't have Delightful Child at home; it wasn't too bad and all the midwives were very lovely. The only unpleasant bit was seeing three ladies in the throes of labour. Hmmm, didn't exactly look like they were having a good time...

Thursday morning we awoke to more snow so hubby & I decided to work from home. News from the office was that the main roads around Reading weren't too bad, but the side roads were a little bit slippy. Hubby had lots of fun playing out in the snow and built another snowman. I stayed indoors and took the photos through the window.

Friday morning we awoke to even more snow; however, I had an appointment with the nurse at 9.40am and since we had heard the main roads were pretty clear, I thought I should at least make the effort to get to the surgery and then on to work. Alas, all my good intentions fell at the very first hurdle when I couldn't get the car out of the driveway. Hubby then made a valiant attempt and managed to get the car out of the driveway, but then he got stuck on the track outside the house and only just managed to reverse the car back in. So, another day of working from home then! Still, that's fine with me as I'm rather enjoying the work I've got at the moment - proofreading. Hubby thinks I'm a bit weird but I really enjoy it.

And, guess what, it then went on to snow ALL DAY LONG. And I felt like a total fraud when I emailed my work collegaues who said there was absolutely no snow in Henley or Reading.

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny - hooray, we thought, at last we can escape. Hubby was off to Twickenham for the day to watch the rugby and the plan was for me to drop him at the train station and then spend some time in Henley wandering round the shops and then enjoying a latte in Starbucks. Alas, this joyous outing was cut short in its prime when the car got stuck in the snow on the track, again. And, despite hubby's best efforts to dig it out, and our combined efforts to push it out (not the best thing to be doing when you're verily pregnant), the car was going nowhere. So, we had to abandon it where it lay while hubby walked to the bus stop and I trudged back to the house for another day at home. Let's just hope that I don't go in to labour any time soon as it'll be a bit tricky to get anywhere fast!


  1. I have never given birth so I can’t tell say it’s easy or hard….but I did see someone doing it on BBC4 the other night and she didn’t make a lot of fuss…..but she was sucking on the gas and air a lot!

  2. OK, I get that you all aren't prepared for the white stuff the way that we are in the arctic! lol, but 6???? wow. I am sure that you are going nuts...nice snowman by the way...but just so you know, in Maine, if you roll a snowball and can still see green grass...its july! HA HA

    Hope you are feeling well.


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