Saturday, 26 May 2012

House Renovation. One Year On: 25/26.05.12

Two days in one post as I didn't get a chance to switch the computer on yesterday.

Here's our entrance hall on Wednesday 25th May 2011; I'm standing in the front doorway looking towards the stairs; the open door on the left goes through into what is now the dining area; the doorway that you can just see the edge of on the right goes into the snug.
And today, Saturday 26th May 2012; one shot with the door to the dining area open
and one shot with it closed, so you can see where our coats live! A bit of a change - new carpets, new wooden flooring, new doors, the bannister, newel post, etc, etc have been painted bright white, new understairs cupboard, new lights.
Here's a lovely shot of what was the downstairs loo, immediately to the left as you came in through the front door.
And now: new window, new radiator, commode chair instead of toilet...

Now, heading outside on Wednesday 25th May 2011; this is a close up of what would become the kitchen window and the french doors to the far left.
i.e. this: here we have new windows and doors, new outside lights, new patio, not to mention actual walls!
Here's a shot of the whole of the back of the house; well, when I say the 'whole' what I mean is, the 'hole' really. There was a day when there was literally nothing at the back of the house except some joists holding up the ceiling. That was a scary day. I'll have to dig that photo out.
And here we are today, Saturday 26th May, swelteringly hot - hence the swimming pool/slide contraption in the foreground that helped keep DC entertained all day (yipppeeee.)
Here's the back of the house the following day, Thursday 26th May; doesn't look all that different from the day before, although some more of the wall had been built to the left of the kitchen window.
What a difference a year makes.
And finally, the obligatory garden shot. This time I'm standing more in the middle of the garden, with the house on my right, facing the fence. Oh, you mean you didn't realise there was a fence there? Yes, and there's a path too, and a step up from the lawn on to said path. Dont believe me?

 See; told you there was a fence and a path and a step. Admittedly, these are new fence panels and posts that hubby and our neighbours erected a couple of months back, but there was an old rickety fence there originally. Also, there was always a gravel path, but hubby has laid new weed membrane and lots more gravel to tidy it up a bit.
 Next job is to clear away the beds either side of the step and return them to lawn; and also to tidy up/thin out the bed along the fence border.
 Still, it's definitely an improvement in the tidy stakes to what it was a year ago (although a part of me does miss that 'Secret Garden' vibe that was going on.) Still, we needed to clear it back in order to get a better idea of what's there so we know where to go from here on.

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