Friday, 4 May 2012

The Return of No Food Fortnight

Back in February we issued ourselves a challenge to not buy any food (except fresh fruit) for a week; we did so well that the week became a fortnight (with the addition of fresh vegetables.) Our fridge, freezer and cupboards were so well stocked (over stocked, in fact) that No Food Fortnight wasn't a hardship; in fact, we rather enjoyed the challenge of looking in the freezer/fridge/cupboards each morning to see what could be used up. We also made a list of everything that was in the freezer and stuck it to the outside, which made it a lot easier than risking freezer burn while sorting through the piles of boxes and bags wondering whether there might be a packet of sausages languishing in the far corner.

And so, by the end of the fornight, we had run down our food stocks and saved up our pennies enough that trips to the supermarket were back on the menu, if you'll excuse the pun. But now the cupboards over-followeth once more and the No Food Fortnight challenge is back on. Wednesday was day one, so there are 12 more to go... We've not gone hungry yet, and here's what the freezer looks like

and the fridge

and the larder cupboard

and the very messy 'treat' cupboard (does anyone else have a cupboard solely dedicated to sweets, chocs and biscuits [and the odd pack of crackers, oh and a bottle of calamine lotion!], or is it just us?)

Plus, hubby's salad leaves are flourishing in the greenhouse (we've had several meals/sandwiches with them already) and there are also packets of crisps, boxes of teabags and some more tinned foods out in the 'pantry' (aka the garage...) So, it doesn't look like we'll be going hungry anytime soon, but the big question is: Can we last a fortnight????


  1. Yes I have a treat cupboard too. Your fridge and freezer are twice the size of mine, I wish my freezer was a bit bigger - spose I could put a small chest freezer in the garage. Didn't know about Caversham library, but I rarely ventured in that direction as I lived near the Uni.

  2. Great idea. I've done the same and ate down my stores. Somehow the goodies always go first!

  3. This is so clever and absolutely stunning. What a great idea.

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