Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Shepton Mallet Flea Success!

On Sunday Family W toddled off to the Giant Flea and Collector's Market at Shepton Mallet; it's held eight times a year, but this was the first time we'd managed to get along (although we have been to the Antiques Fair there a couple of times.) Luckily for us, and for the stallholders, the weather was good (ie it wasn't raining, for a change.) Another bonus was that DC decided he wanted to sit in his pram for almost the entire time we were there, which made browsing the stalls a LOT easier. Not to mention the fact that Granny was with us and she was more than happy to push the pram while hubby and I had a good old nosey

I was rather taken by these stags heads; I thought one might look rather at home in the snug. But hubby said no. Also, the price tag (£280, if I remember rightly), was slightly off-putting.
 And what about a lovely oil painting of Gloria Hunniford? Just what every home needs. (Excuse poor photo with shadow from walking stick collection nearby, but I didn't want to start moving stuff around and make it look like I was actually interested in buying Gloria.) Just £10.
 And if not Gloria, then Ronald, perhaps?
 I really did want to buy this certificate from the Anglo-American School of Embalmers. Wouldn't it look great in a guest room? Would surely make your overnight guests sleep comfortably in their beds. But the £30 price tag made me think again.

 Ahhhhh, cream and green kitchenalia, how we love thee.
So, what did we buy? Well, this somewhat rusty and battered old metal meat safe for the princley sum of £18. Yep, it needs some work, but hopefully a rub over with a bit of wire wool or a wire brush and then a lick of paint, and hopefully she'll be slightly more presentable. Although I've no idea where she'll be living (and I've no idea why a meat safe should be a 'she'.)
And the one thing we really wanted to get - a set of wall shelves for the kitchen. Hooray! We've been on the look out for some for a while now, ever since we decided that the clock we were going to hang in the kitchen was too noisy, which left the wall where it was supposed to go looking a little bare.
These shelves aren't exactly what we had in mind - we wanted something a little wider - and hubby isn't a big fan of the pegs that hold the shelves in place (you can't see them in this photo), but for £12 we thought they were worth a go, if only to give us an idea of what shelves would actually look like on the kitchen wall.
With Monday being a Bank Holiday, it was obvious that we had to do some DIY. And so the shelves were up on the wall within 24 hours of being bought. A miracle. Here's the wall before; that wire is what the (noisy) electric clock was supposed to be hooked up to; we don't want to remove it yet as we may find another clock (or something else) that we want to put up there, or we may get it changed so a light can be fitted. Who knows? So for the meantime it's cunningly hidden behind the tat on the new shelves.

And here's the after shot with the shelves in situ, and with kitchen tat already in place. 
In this photo you can sort of see the pegs at the side of the shelves that hubby doesn't like. But other than that, we are v pleased with our new kitchen addition.


  1. It looks great and I love your green and cream collection. That kitchenalia stall would've had me very excited - I want that rolling pin!!!
    I think the embalming certificate is great but yes a bit too pricey.

  2. Not sure about the embalming certificate, it would give me the creeps! I'm interested in the old bottles though as we have a huge collection of them, all dug up out of our garden!
    I love the cream and green, I've got a couple of pieces from ebay.


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