Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A LazyHill Kind of A Day

You may or may not know that on Mondays during the "summer" season I work at a fabulous gallery in Abbotsbury owned by my fabulous chums Rachel & Gordon.

Behold the wonder that is Lazyhill Gallery. I'm not going to get too wordy, but be warned there are a lot of photos here. So, grab a cuppa (or a long, cold one since the weather's so good at the moment) and come for a wander round the Gallery...

Here's the view from my perch behind the counter, looking towards the front door.

And here's the view if I turn 180 degrees and look towards the back of the Gallery.
 Now, time for me to get off my lazy behind and take you for a tour of some of the goodies you'll find in store (and available to purchase via their website/by email/phone!) Miniature oil paintings by Paul Dolman
 Silver jewellery made by Rachel and a host of other silversmiths
 Glass ornaments
 Ceramic pebbles by Clare Mahoney
 Felt brooches by Jackie Cardy
 Framed boats by Liz Clammer using driftwood and flotsam.
 Dr Beans bags!

 Poppy Treffry tea and coffee cosies, and more.

 Door stops with character!
 Sarah Jane Brown's fabulous driftwood and metal pieces.
 Felt Me Up's cute birdies.
 Sara Nichol ceramics
 Rupert Blamire's jugs, pots, oil pourers and more.
 Jane Cox's vibrant turquoise range.
 Caz Scott's paintings
 Fiona Kelly's practical ceramic pots, bowls, soap dishes
 Brighton Roc's mirrors

Wonderful decorative tiles and buttons by Caroline Barnes
And much, much, much more. So, next time you're in the area, pop in and have a look round - you won't be disappointed (she says, in her best sales pitch voice!). And if it's a Monday (during the "summer") say hello to me; any other day of the week you could always say hello to Rachel and/or Gordon too - I'm sure they'd be very chuffed to see you.

P.S. You can always call/email/visit their website if there's something that takes your fancy... I should be on commission. Yes, might have to mention that.


  1. What a spectacular place, I could lose hours in there (and probably a lot of money!)

  2. thank you for such lovely coverage, employee of the month!
    Must just correct one teeny thing - the painting credited to Lyn Cudlipp is in fact by local Dorset artist Caz Scott. Hope commission is payable in chocolate money?

  3. Jay - you would be most welcome to come and lose both yourself and your money!


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