Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Unintentional Patriotic/Jubilee Knitting

Over a year ago (while we still lived in Reading), I started knitting a jumper for DC. At the time he hadn't yet turned two (or may have just about turned two, depending on the exact date of jumper-commencement), but luckily I clearly had the foresight to realise it would take me a while to get round to finishing said jumper and I decided to knit the size 3-4years (also, DC is quite long in the body, so that's another reason why I chose that size.)

Fast forward a year; we're now living in Zumerzet, DC is now three years (and two months) old, and the jumper is still a Work in Progress. So, why am I telling you about it now? Well, just last night I realised I've been knitting a really patriotic jumper and with the Jubilee weekend fast approaching, I thought it was time to share (even though it's still a WIP.)

Sirdar Snuggly wool in unintentionally patriotic colours!

Back of jumper

Front of jumper (very nearly finished!)
It's a pity that we'll be in Spain for the Jubilee weekend as DC could have worn this little number (if I'd finished it...) and looked a right royal bobbydazzler! As it is, the Jubilee pressure is off, and the hot weather we're currently enjoying also means I don't have to rush to finish it. Just so long as it's done by the time DC turns four...

So, that's it for a week from me, we're off on our jollies in the morning (DC has asked if I'll be driving the plane, bless him); I hope you all have a wonderful Jubillee weekend. Hip Hip! Hoooooraaaaay!

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