Sunday, 21 December 2008

Introducing Aubrey Montague

Fear not, Delightful Child hasn't decided to make an entrance nearly ten (OMG, is it only ten weeks til I'm due to give birth??!!) weeks early, nor have we lumbered said child with such an 'interesting' moniker (although if hubby had his way it would be top of the list; but then he would counter that with my wish to call a girl-child Ariadne...)

Anyway, please be upstanding for Aubrey Montague Bear:

Isn't he just so proud? As am I, since he is the first bear I have ever knitted; in fact he is the first thing I have knitted since being a 'grown-up' (for those of you with good memories, scarf is still in progress since I had to wait for John Lewis to order me another ball of wool and it only arrived on Thursday.)

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  1. Fabulous bear! And fabulous name. Exactly what a bear should be called. (Also, Ariadne's on my list too. Not husbeast's, though. Funny that.)

    If this bear has triggered any sort of desire for more knitting, you should know (maybe you already do know?) about I'm just saying. You won't regret it.


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