Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Where to Start? Part I: Friday

My, what a busy weekend! In fact, a busy 'long' weekend. I had to come to work today for a rest. But don't tell the boss.

So, all it started Friday with a day off work. I went in to Reading to attempt to finish off the Christmas shopping that I had started the night before - shopping is difficult these days as my capacity to carry heavy bags laden with goodies has diminished quite drastically. Not to mention my capacity for walking around. So the Christmas shopping has been spread over many evenings and days. Still, I came home with pretty much everything I needed and everyone is now fully catered for, except for the parents, who are just darned awkward to buy for.

Friday evening was the Henley Christmas Fair; Liz and her two girls came over and we spent a pleasant few hours wandering the (car-less) streets of Henley and popping in the shops to see what edible goodies they were giving away. We continued the annual tradition of buying a 'hot dog' as cooked by the fair hands of Anthony Worrall Thompson, and very good it was too.I'm sure hubby would like me to point out that we are not fans of Wozza's cooking in general but, with a Gabrel Machin sausage in his hands, he can do no wrong. After scoffing the bangers, hubby and I went in to the local 'department' store, Facy. Having lived in Henley for five years, this was the first time I had ever been in there, and what a revelation - it seems to be the sort of shop where you can buy anything from clothes to carpet, pinking shears to duvet covers. Talking of which, that was what hubby and I managed to buy - isn't that what everyone gets when they go to a Christmas Fair? We were so engrossed in choosing the duvet cover that we managed to miss the Christmas Tree lights being switched on, but we were in time to hear the Salvation Army band start the carols. Three Quality Street, one piece of cheese, a hot dog and a cup of mulled wine later it was time for us to wend our weary way home (and it wasn't even 8pm). Not only has being pregnant affected my bag-carrying capabilities, it also prevents me from staying up past 9.30pm - what a party animal!

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