Thursday, 4 December 2008

Where to Start? Part III: Sunday

A trip to jolly old London Town. More specifically, Marylebone High Street which is my favourite part of London due to its compact nature and great shops including Cath Kidston, The White Company, Fish Works and Emma Bridgwater.

We met our friends Kesh & Kate and their little boy Rishi and had a fab lunch in Eat & Two Veg, a yummy vegetarian restaurant where I had a delicious butternut squash crumble, the thought of which is making me feel hungry. Over lunch Kesh showed us a text that hubby had quite innocently sent him the day before, which read:

"Am in bath with Jus, well it is her birthday"

Yes, indeed, what a treat for me. Note to hubby - do not share our intimate details with all and sundry. Further note to hubby - on certain occasions, capital letters are IMPORTANT - note the difference between 'bath' and 'Bath' and what using one when you mean the other can imply...

After lunch, the boys went to a pub to watch footy while Kate & I did what girls do best - we went shopping. I bought a lovely Christmas-y smelling candle in The White Company and the next Book Club book (Skipping Christmas by John Grisham) in the Oxfam Book Shop (have I ever told you how much time/money hubby & I spend in OBS, as we call it? It makes you never, ever want to pay full price for a book again.) We window shopped in a few places too, including The Little White Company which specialises in massively overpriced clothes and other things for babies and children. £28 for a pair of child's pyjamas! I don't think so, not when you can get them for £3 in Primark (or Primarni as my cousin likes to call it.)

When the footy was finished we all met in Patisserie Valerie for afternoon tea. I had a fresh cream coffee eclair, hubby had Black Forest gateau and K&K shared scones with jam & cream. But, would you believe, the waiter tried to fob them off with toasted scones? Whoever heard of such a thing?! Kesh said 'Scones don't come toasted', to which the waiter replied 'Yes, they do.' To which Kesh replied 'No, they don't', to which the waiter replied... etc etc. Well, it's the first time any of us had ever seen toasted scones and since the customer is always right, Kesh made the waiter take them away and bring normal (ie untoasted) scones in their place. We have decided to find a new venue for afternoon tea the next time we meet up.

Then it was time to go home (via Starbucks for a gingerbread latte for me.)

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