Saturday, 6 December 2008

Yum, Moussakaloni - My Favourite!

Last night hubby and I finally got round to decorating the Christmas tree. It arrived in our living room on Monday, got festooned with lights on Tuesday, but has otherwise been languishing unadorned. But, last night was the night for boxes and boxes of ornaments to be unwrapped and gazed open with a mixture of awe and 'crikey, where/why did we buy that one?' Hubby & I have a tradition whereby whenever we go to a new city/country we buy a Christmas decoration as a momento of our trip. This means that each year as we unwrap the deccies wehave a little reminder of where we've been on our travels. We have deccies from Australia:

CambodiaCzech RepublicHungaryIndiaSwitzerland, Laos, Vietnam, Mexico, Latvia, the Netherlands, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, and approx 4 million from the USA and New York - including a large number in the form of Starbucks annual 'red' Christmas cups.

And our all-time favourite from Bloomingdales, NYC:

After we were finished with decorating the tree and house it was time for dinner - vegetable moussaka. When we had finished eating we had this short conversation:

Hubby: 'I really enjoyed that, it wasn't too pasta-y'

Me: 'That's because there's no pasta in it'

Hubby: 'What was it?'

Me: 'Vegetable moussaka'

Hubby: 'Oh, I thought it was cannelloni'

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