Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A Weekend in the Country

On Friday, hubby & I took a trip to Dorset to visit our dear friends GRachel & GGordon who have very recently moved all the way down to the deepest, darkest countryside (ie so deep there is no mobile phone reception - imagine!) from Old Windsor, to persue a new life of welly boots and shooting sticks, or whatever it is that countryfolk need to get by from day to day.

Unfortunately, as well as packing the usual overnight bag, I also took a whole host of germs and used tissues as I have come down with a real stinker of a cold. I did forewarn our hosts, but they were still keen for us to visit, and I hope they are not now regretting that as their noses stream and their throats feel like they have swallowed broken glass.

We had a really lovely weekend, mostly revolving around food and nattering, with a hint of shopping thrown in. Saturday morning we visited Bridport for the monthly farmers' market - always a dangerous thing as it is hard to resist home-grown and home-made goodies, especially of the cake variety and those made of driftwood...
We then spent the rest of the day relaxing; hubby & GGordon spent a while at the pub checking that the beer was as good as it should be while GRachel and I stayed at home, she cooked while I worked on the teddy bear (soon to be revealed in all his glory.)

Sunday morning we had to head back to the real world where everything seemed so much busier and noisier, although not until we had a hearty breakfast under our belts. I want to live in the countryside now, although not sure I could do without mobile phone reception, and there would also have to be a Starbucks in the vicinity, and some shops, and cafes, and restaurants, and that'll be what's called living in a town then...

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