Saturday, 13 June 2009

Cry Baby

Me, not Delightful Child (although he definitely has his moments). However, if DC decides to cry in the middle of the Marks and Spencers cafe, that wouldn't really be a head-turning event (unless he was really screaming I suppose.) But when a grown woman decides to shed a few tears over her 'Luxury Hot Chocolate' (that's with added whipped cream and marshmallows - a new mum needs the extra calcium for her bones and sugar for energy...), then that's just weird, isn't it?!

Since I got pregnant, the tears just flow so much more readily. When the Olympics were on last year, I found myself getting all weepy when people were awarded their medals - didn't matter whether it was Team GB or Team Kazakhstan (although of course it was much more rewarding to find Team GB on the podium). Now I find myself able to cry at the drop of a hat at tv programmes, adverts, films and, as I discovered yesterday in M&S, books. I'm currently reading The Book Group by Elizabeth Noble; not necessarily the sort of book you would expect to reduce you to tears but there was just a little section about the birth of twins, one of whom was stillborn (I'm welling up as I type this just thinking about it - talk about soppy!) And the tears just trickled down my face; luckily I had a couple of serviettes to hand to swipe them away but not before the man on the next table asked if the air conditioning was bothering me!

I guess those hormones must still be coursing through my veins.

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