Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Here Come the Girls

Ooo, what's that at the bottom of the garden?

Last night hubby went to pick up three new additions to the family - Audrey, Gail, and Sarah-luv. We've had chickens before - Rita and Mavis were the first two, who were then joined by Deirdre and Blanche. Blanche, however, made a swift exit once we had learnt she thought she was a cockerel and liked to practice making as much noise as possible early in the morning. We then had to re-home the other three when we went travelling last January; we were rather sad to see them go and were determined to get some more upon our return. However, living in a rented house, we weren't too sure of the etiquette of chicken-keeping so we decided to wait until we moved into the new place. And so, after 16 months of chicken-less-ness, here we are with three lovely little ladies of approx seven-weeks old. Hopefully they'll be laying yummy eggs in the next eight to ten weeks - fabalicious!

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