Saturday, 13 June 2009

Room to Move

Delightful Child has finally spent his first night in his cot. Up til now he's been in his moses basket, and for the last couple of weeks we've been really having to shoe-horn him in to it - poor little chap will probably be stunted. But finally his nursery is finished and he is able to make the most of having room to move:

John Travolta, eat your heart out.

It was a night of many firsts - first night in his newly-decorated nursery, first night in his big cot, first night in a 'grobag' instead of blankets which are too easy to kick off.

And continuing the theme of yesterday's posting when I admitted what a wuss I have become since getting up the duff, today I started packing away DC's newborn and 0-3month clothes which are now too small for him - made me feel a little bit sad. Still, they'll be put to good use when DC's little brother or sister come along... Watch this space.

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