Saturday, 6 June 2009

What a Difference a Week Makes

Last weekend: We were in Scotland (above)
This weekend: We are in England

Last weekend: We were staying in a castle (above)
This weekend: We are staying at home (not above...)

Last weekend: It was hot and sunny, with ne'er a cloud in the sky - with a high temp of approx 82degrees farenheit (28celsius for those of you who are a bit more au fait with this new means of measuring the temperature)
This weekend: It's raining cats and dogs and is somewhat chilly (approx 17celsius)

Last weekend: We were Arthur-free for the first ever time, for two nights
This weekend: We are back with the little man, and loving it (look at those eyelashes - does it looks like I've been applying mascara to him?!)

Last weekend: We were at a wedding
This weekend: We are enjoying our very own wedded bliss, which consists of dusting and vacuuming in perfect harmony (I dust, he vacuums)

Last weekend: He was Best Man
This weekend: He's still the best man, in my opinion (ahh, aren't I soppy?)

Last weekend: The decorators had just started
This weekend: The decorators have nearly finished - paintwork is shiny and white, walls are crisp and clean; just our bedroom left to do

Last weekend: We owned two cars
This weekend: We still own two cars, it's just that one of them doesn't live with us anymore...

So, to precis, last weekend hubby and I were at Borthwick Castle, approx 12 miles south of Edinburgh, for Mark & Fiona's wedding where hubby was Best Man. We had a really lovely time and the weather was absolutely fantastic but, boy, that spiral staircase in the castle was a killer! We left Arthur in Wigan with his grandparents and had our first two nights without him. It felt a bit odd at first and every now and again across the weekend I would wish he was there for a cuddle, but all in all it was fine as we knew he was in very good hands! When we drove up to Wigan, hubby and I went in convoy as we were taking our old car, Pierre the Peugeot, to stay up there. We want to test out whether or not it's possible to survive with just one car and since the tax & MOT are up soon and we would also have to buy a parking permit for a second car, it was the sensible option to take Pierre to live off-road oop north for a time while we test the theory.

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  1. Hi, just found your blog as you added yourself as a follower to mine and I've been having a read through your recent posts. I will be back to read more. Your little boy is adorable - your blog will be a wonderful record as he grows.



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