Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day, Happy Birthday, Happy Summer Solstice

Lucky hubby started his very first Father's Day on his hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen floors, poor chap; still, at least it shows what a fastidious household we are...

We were cleaning the house in preparation for our first overnight visitors - Grandma and Grandad, who were coming all the way from Wigan. It's Grandma's birthday today, so we were going to have a double celebration what with it being Father's Day as well. Except that things didn't quite go according to plan when the clutch went on G&G's car at the service station on the M6 toll road, thus leaving them at the mercy of the AA man and leaving us with only Father's Day to celebrate.

After he had finished his housework, hubby was allowed to open his Father's Day pressies, with a little help from his friend.DC did quite a good job of shopping for gifts for daddy: a photo frame complete with photo of himself and daddy, ten 8ft bamboo canes (amazing how he managed to fit those in his pram), some yummy Thornton's chocolates (perfect for sharing, hint hint), a bag of Haribos, an 'I love my daddy' coaster, and a big chocolate cake. Clever old DC.

And after that, hubby was allowed out to play at his allotment.DC & I even went along and offered a helping hand - I'm quite adept at weed-pulling, although my short attention span means I only helped out for 30mins before making my escape to Stresco's where, as per usual, I managed to buy everything on my list plus three hundred extra things I had no idea I needed.

Mid-afternoon found both my boys having an afternoon nap while I caught up with the latest episode of Big Brother (yes, I know it's a terrible thing, but I just can't help myself.)

We finished off the longest day of the year with a walk along the Thames (photos to follow as I've managed to save them to the camera memory rather than the memory card and I need to find the cables to allow me to download them - technology and me aren't the best of friends.)

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