Monday, 15 October 2012

Garden Renovation. One Year (and a little bit) On. 28.09.12

Hooray, the patio was finally finished, on this day in history 2011.
Another angle, then.
Here's our friend Mark hard at work in the garden, a year ago.
Now. Mark has been replaced by a gaudy plastic slide.
Lots of the shrubs and bushes have been removed or cut right back, and it's all looking a lot tidier
The raspberry beds, then.
Now. These two beds are crammed full of autum raspberries which we've been harvesting since the beginning of September. So far, hubby has made 26 jars of jam and still there are more raspberries ripening. Next year I'm thinking of opening a PYO farm in our back garden!
This is the little bed in the front garden under the window of the dining area. This is how it looked a year ago, full of elephants' ears (that's the name my mum uses for this plants) and various weeds.
Then hubby stuck in and cleared it all out.
And this is how it looks now. It looks a bit of a mess because it needs a bit of a weed, but it's not full of elephants' ears any more. Instead there's a wisteria (back right corner) that DC gave hubby for father's day last year, there are crocosmia that have planted themselves, there are foxgloves and lupins and all sorts of cottage garden flowers that have died back and are looking a little worse for wear. It looked lovely in the summer, honest!

One day, when we win the lottery, we hope to get the front garden landscaped and the awful cracked concrete path will be a thing of the past.

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