Friday, 12 October 2012

House Renovation. One Year (and a fair bit) On. 19.09.12

The stairs up from the hallway to the half landing, this time (nearly) last year, with the carpet finally fitted.
Now. Doesn't look any different.
The snug with the gorgeous (in my opinion) stripey Brintons (bargain -  as discussed here) carpet. Such lovely, thick and squishy carpet; wish we could afford this quality all through the house, but at least we got it in one room!
Now. Sigh, those orange check curtains are still here.
Then. Ugly concrete hearth, but at least it meets building regs. Boring.
Now. Ugly concrete hearth still there; one day we hope to cover it with tiles or slate or something more attractive than concrete.
More lovely carpet-ness, then.
Now. You can barely see it.
And a quick jaunt upstairs to our bedroom; here's my wardrobe, then.
Now. Slightly more 'stuff' inside.
And finally my office, then.
Now. What can I say?

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