Thursday, 11 October 2012

House Renovation. One Year (and then some) On. 18.09.12

We'll start upstairs today; here are the built-in wardrobes in the 'master' bedroom, with the door to the ensuite in between, one year ago. Oh, so tidy!
And now; doors are closed to keep the mess out of sight.
Shower in the ensuite, then.
Living area, then.
Now. Definitely lived in.
From a different angle, then.
Now. Complete with small boy watching Chuggington while waving a cricket stump (wicket?) around. Health and safety?
The patio in progress, one year ago.
And now. Looks like the weather was a bit better last year. Still, all the rain has done wonders for the lawn.


  1. I'm just catching up! That is a beautiful wood floor you've got and having all that living space is wonderful, we seem to have lots of little rooms with lots of doors to slam!

  2. Using white in your home is a good choice, since it never goes out of style, right? :) Those are really nice glass doors for your bathroom! Anyway, make sure you regularly mop your wood floors, so that their shine would be preserved for a long time.

    Tyrone Speelman


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