Tuesday, 30 October 2012

R You Ready?

Way back when, 2009 to be precise, when No.1 (and only) Son was born, I bought a letter 'A' to hang in his nursery. Because, although I tend to refer to him on here as DC, his name actually begins with the letter 'A' (DC stands for Darling Child, or Devil Child as a friend of mine once suggested), so the letter 'A' seemed appropriate.
Then it dawned on me that perhaps I could spell out his entire name. The only issue is that there are 6 letters in his name and at £10 per letter, that would have set me back £60 (math brain) and I am WAAAAAY to cheap to be spending that sort of money on a few measly letters.

Fast forward at least a year and I stumbled across this little letter 'h' in a vintage store in Lyme Regis. It cost a whopping £4.
Fast forward a little more and I found this letter 'T' at one of the regualr vintage fairs held in Somerton. I think it cost £2 or £3.
A little while later I found myself in the shop of the Chicago Architecture Foundation (in Chicago, funnily enough), where I spied this rather impressive letter 'r'. I think it cost $16 or so.
A few days later I was in New York and found this letter 'U' in Urban Outfitters. It cost $8.

So, that's an A, H, T, R, U.... can you guess what it is yet?

But still, I was missing one letter. And no matter where I looked, I couldn't find that letter anywhere. So, in the end, I decided to make one.

I took the 'R' I already had and drew round it on three peices of card.
Then I cut them out and glued the three pieces together to make it a bit thicker and sturdier.
Then I got hold of one of DC's old babygros that I'd been keeping for just such a crafting opportunity.
Cut out a piece from the back.
Laid my 'R' on top.
And started glue-ing.

Til it looked like this.

Then it was time to nail/stick all the letters on the wall in the right order...

It's only taken three years.

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  1. Brilliant. Far more exciting than six letters the same.


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