Friday, 19 October 2012

Little Table Makeover

Quite some time ago I rescued this sorry looking table-cum-plant stand from the rubbish heap. My mum was about to throw it out but I, being the consumate hoarder that I am, said 'No! Don't throw it away. Let me have it.' And a plan to give it a little overhaul hatched in my brain.

I think it's fair to say, he's not really a looker.
Come, admire the faux-leather centre circle and the peeling varnish.

First job was to take him (yes, it's definitely a him - for the time being) to pieces.
Unscrew the tripod legs.
Unscrew the pole in the middle. 
 Et voila.

Then I ripped off that horrendous piece of faux leather, which was like tearing off a plaster, without any of the pain.
Then it was time to give all the pieces a good old rub down with some sandpaper.
Before slapping on some primer.

And a couple of coats of paint - Laura Ashley Water Based Eggshell in Eau de Nil

Et voila.
But what to do with that still grotty looking centre circle? You can see in the photo above that where I'd ripped off the faux leather sticking plaster, it had left a nasty mark/dent in the varnish (you can see it as a slightly different colour in the paint on the bottom of the centre circle.)

Well.... It just so happened that part of my master plan involved this little off cut of wallpaper that was left over from our bedroom and living room way back when at our house in Reading.
A lovely bit of Cath Kidston Antique Rose.
Luckily, I had kept the nasty bit of faux leather for just this moment, so I drew around it on the back of the wallpaper (and then took great delight in throwing it in the bin), and cut out the circle.
I merrily slapped some trusty Mod Podge on the table and the back of the wallpaper, then stuck the two together.
 Then a coat of Mod Podge on top for a little extra protection.
 And here we have it, a real pig's ear of a mess complete with bubbles and ridges.
However, the next morning when the Mod Podge had properly dried, it wasn't looking so bad.
And there we have it, one totally transformed table-cum-plant stand. The only trouble is that there's actually nowhere for it to live in our house. And Mum doesn't want it back either...

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  1. That's a gorgeous little table, well done! Love the color.


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