Sunday, 14 October 2012

House Renovation. One Year (and then some) On. 23.09.12

A bit of a random jumble this time. Here's the patio in progress a year ago.
The first piece of furniture up in my office - quite an effort for hubby and I to get it up two flights of stairs (it spearates into nine pieces, luckily.)
Same corner of the office now. The plan chest above now lives in the kitchen (so, yes, we had to dismantle it and carry it back down two flights of stairs - joy) and I've inherited a bureau from hubby's office that doesn't really work in that corner, but will have to do, for now. Oh, and there appears to be a whole heap of mess and clutter, can't imagine why. Ah yes, it's because I'm a hoarder.
Another random shot - this was the first knick-knack/piece of tat/bit of clutter that was brought round to this house from our rental place, one year ago. It's a letter rack that belonged to my Gran.
Now. The letter rack has been replaced by an old postcard showing how the street that we live on looked many years ago - it's pretty much the view out of our hallway window, which is kind of nice.
And this is where the letter rack lives now - in amongst my cosy crime books, in the snug.
For the time being at least.

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