Thursday, 8 August 2013

Cornwall Mini-trip: Port Isaac

Saturday morning dawned grey and drizzly in Tintagel so our plans for taking DC to his spiritual home of Tintagel Castle were put on hold. We headed, instead, for the coastal village of Port Isaac in the hope that the weather would be a little better. And it was. Not a single drop of rain all day. Perfick.

This was the view along the coast as we walked from the car park down to the village.
Not too shabby.
And our first glimpse of Port Isaac. Hubby said he would like the large house to the left of the white one, just off centre (I need to learn how to add arrows.) Whereas I said I would like the smaller, squat one, to the left of the one he likes. 
Turns out the house I like is actually Doc Martin's house in the TV programme. 
Except hubby and I have never watched it so we had no idea. Perhaps next time it's on we'll make an effort to tune in.
The tide was most definitely out when we arrived.

Perfect for rock pooling.

And, of course, crabbing!
A very successful crabbing session indeed - we caught 12! 
Clearly the bacon we snaffled from the breakfast plates was a hit with the little crustaceans.
The skies seem very big in Cornwall. 
And so beautifully bluuuuuuuue.
Just wander back from the harbour and the village is oh, so quiet. Narrow alleyways crammed with typical 18th and 19thC Cornish buildings.
Important food stop No. 1
Important food stop No. 2. 
Jam then cream for a Cornish cream tea (which is the way I always do it, because it means you can get more cream on, IMHO.) We enjoyed this little snack-ette in Potters, which is at the bottom of the main street, on the left side just as it curves round towards the harbour. Hubby had the same and DC had a toasted teacake; everything was delicious and my accompanying latte was lovely and strong. If you find yourself in need of sustenance while in Port Isaac I would absolutely recommend a visit to Potters. (And I haven't been paid to say that.)
After our pit stop we headed up the hill on the other side of the harbour (hard going for poor hubby who was pushing DC in his pram.)
But the views more than made up for the sweaty brows.

We absolutely loved our visit to Port Isaac. Hubby and I have already discussed a return trip, perhaps sometime in the depths of winter when we can hunker down in a cafe and feel snug. Ahhh. 


  1. I had an inkling it would be there... You had a much better day for it than us though, in the miserable wet Spring. It looks glorious with the sun shining. Having missed Potters too there is only one thing for it. Have to go back.

  2. The honest truth is if I could live anywhere in the world, it would be port Isaac, I've seen photos and its so perfect, your photos have made me want to live there even more!!! However having a job in the area could be a bit more tricky!! I've only ever seen a bit of a Doc Martin episode and I couldn't get into it, so I wouldn't have know the house either!
    Does your son carry his bear everywhere? My 8 year old daughter takes her Pooh Bear everywhere, she even seat belts him in!! Its so cute!
    Have a great up and coming g weekend!
    Tammy x

    1. It really is a very sweet village, although I can imagine living there could get a little frustrating if tourists/visitors aren't your thing!
      Arthur does take his bear (George) everywhere. Poor bear is starting to look a little threadbare these days! How sweet that your daughter straps her bear into the car. x


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