Thursday, 22 August 2013

Kitchen Shelf Upgrade

I've been looking for some new-to-us shelves for quite a while now as the ones we have (had) in the kitchen (bought at the first Shepton Mallet Flea Market we attended, back in May 2012 - see original post here) were getting a bit full with our bits and pieces of Streamline pottery.
I've looked on eBay, but to no avail as I didn't want to pay too much which meant the shelves needed to be within say a ten-mile radius in order that I could collect them and save on postage or courier costs. But nothing that was quite right and/or the right price seemed to come up.

Then, about a month ago, I spotted a set of pine shelves at a car boot sale. I asked the price, hoping that they would be a bargain, and they were - just £10. Sold, immediately. 

I think they may have been painted red in the past as there's definitely a tinge which you can possibly see in the photo below. But that's fine by me as they may get painted later down the line anyway. Although, for now, we are living with them in their au naturel state to see if we like them that way.

Putting the shelves up on the wall hasn't been an urgent job but this past weekend hubby set to; he took the old shelves down, exposing that electric cable that we had installed when we thought we were putting an electric clock in this spot. We then changed our minds but have kept the cable since it may come in handy in the future.
The new shelves went up. 
Please excuse the paint patch; we still haven't decided whether this wall should get an injection of colour or simply be painted white again.
And the Streamline pots, pie funnels and other bits and bobs were "artfully" arranged in their more spacious surroundings. Plenty of room for further additions. 
If you look again at the photo of the smaller set of shelves, you'll see that since I took that photo back in May 2012 we have added to the Streamline (or similar cream/green ware) collection with the Raisins pot, plus the shaker and nameless pot on the bottom shelf. The bottles from the top shelf below have been relocated to our brand new built-in units, which I will write about one day soon.
Standing further back, the wood looks darker; a small change, but a good one since the larger shelves look less cluttered and seem to fit that part of the wall better than the previous ones.


  1. It looks great, I like the colour of the paint patch - have you decided to paint the whole wall?

  2. It looks good. I've always loved the cream/green ware.


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