Sunday, 25 August 2013

Lovely Lyme x 2

DC and I have taken two trips to Lyme Regis in the last couple of weeks; the first time we took Granny along and the second time we met up with some friends who were camping in the area.

Both of these visits have been based around DC's new seaside obsession of crabbing. This involves walking along Lyme's famous Cobb (ie, the harbour), finding a suitable spot to set up camp, lobbing the old crabbing net (plus bait - we find bacon works well) in the water and waiting. And waiting. And pulling the net in. Finding it empty. And throwing it back. Mostly this is done by me, while DC issues the orders. "Pull it in now, Mummy." "Have you caught a crab yet, Mummy?" "Can you get a crab now, please, Mummy?" Sometimes we catch a crab or two (or a shrimp or even a fish) until DC's patience runs out and we are free to enjoy the rest of Lyme's delights.

One of the joys of the Cobb is that it is much quieter than the rest of Lyme, especially at this time of year. The other joy is the views (are the views? neither of those sound right) looking over to the beach and town, and also east along the Jurassic Coast towards West Bay and beyond.
Plenty of small craft in the harbour
View along the coast, towards West Bay and beyond
DC and Granny
Relaxing, while Mummy does the hard work
Post-crabbing amusements
VERY busy beach
And town was busy too.
The next lot of photos are from the second trip.
That beautiful view along the coast, again.

Looking over towards the beach and town
Evidence that this is still a working harbour
But the costs have probably changed since 1879
What a whopper. Except this one was somewhat 'past its best', shall we say.
Oh, to be a beach hut owner
A quick paddle
Get Mummy to fork out for a flag, and then we can go home


  1. We did quite a bit of crabbing when we first moved here, but we both got too soft hearted to cook the live crabs, so we crab a little and then let them go.

  2. The crabs we catch aren't big enough to cook, and apparently taste muddy if you try.


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