Thursday, 15 August 2013

Shepton Mallet Flea Finds

A couple of weeks ago I trotted off early on a sunny Sunday morning to the Shepton Mallet Flea Market. My last trip, back in May, resulted in the following stash:

So far, the small pot to the right of the photo has found a home in the dresser
the flask has been used as a vase (please excuse the delightfully green water)

 the Union flag is still folded up
and the First Aid box has been painted internally
and then requisitioned by DC for use as a 'castle'. Not quite what I had in mind when I bought it, but who am I to argue with a four year old?

These were some of the things that caught my eye on this particular foray. I thought this pine unit might look nice on a wall in the guestroom. But I didn't buy it.
I was tempted by this metal plate rack; thought it could look good on an outside wall holding pots/plants. But the £75 price tag was a little more than I was happy to part with. Yes, I'm cheap.
This plain old bookcase was exactly what I've been after to act as storage in DC's wendy house. £18; bargained down to £15 and it was mine.
Lovely filing cabinets to fulfil my storage needs. But not this time.
Even DC would have been kept amused had I decided that he should be allow to come along.
Wine box anyone?
The dolly tub was tempting as an outdoor planter.
This sweet little shelf thingy caught my eye. Repainted and hung on the wall in DC's room it will be great for holding his cars, figures, etc. I bought it, but I now can't remember how much I paid. Think it might have been £20.
These call buttons were from Longleat House; very Downton Abbey. I wanted to get the 'Valet' one, but the price was a little high (again, I can't remember how much. Bad blogger.)
I do love me an old enamel sign. But I didn't buy this one.
Large numbers and some bull horns. Got to be a use for them somewhere.
Gardenalia. Love.
So, two wooden shelf units came home with me. The yellow one is still on the floor in the dining room where I left it when I got home (lazy, moi?) 
but the white bookcase went straight into DC's wendy house and is already doing a grand job of holding his saucepans, tea set, mixer, buckets and other general plastic paraphernalia.


  1. Wow there were so many interesting things there. Love the bookcase.

    1. It's absolutely huge. I lose the will about half way round and struggle to see 3/4 of it!


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