Friday, 28 August 2009

Festivalwatch III

A mix of sunshine and showers today meant that hot drinks were the order of the day from the next door neighbour's front garden.
And plastic macs were de rigeur.

Then came the early evening and all went eerily quiet.
The man selling pork pie hats had no customers (not that he seemed to have any when the street was teeming with Festival-goers.)
Clearly the big bands had started to take to the stage.

With the wind blowing in the right direction (or the wrong direction, depending on your mindset and desire to go to sleep) we could hear the music and the crowds singing along, although because we are not young enough to recognise which band was playing, I can't tell you who it was we were listening to.

International Businessman made it home safely from The Land of Toberlerones, bringing with him a handful of mini Toberlerones, a tube of Lindor chocs and a box of fancy Lindt truffles. Didn't he do well?! Did I mention that I like chocolate?!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats,

    Looks like you had a fruitful event and that the day was successful despite the rain.

    All too bad for the guy with the undesirable pork pie!

    All the best!


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