Friday, 14 August 2009

Food, Glorious Food!

On Thursday, DC had his first taste of something other than milk (if you don't count all of the cuddly toys, rattles, books, muslins, etc that he has 'gummed'.) Baby rice, with the consistency and appearance of wallpaper paste. Luckily for us, he seems to rather enjoy it - not that we should be surprised when you think how much hubby & I like our food (although we don't have a penchant for wallpaper paste.) So, weaning has begun; DC is growing up so fast!
Eager anticipation

Not quite getting the point, although from the looks of it the box would probably taste just as good as the stuff inside
Baby rice, day two

DC has also learnt how to roll over. He can just about manage 175degrees or so and then a pesky arm gets in the way. Every now and then he works out how to move his arm, and can get flat on his tummy. This is all very lovely, except that he tends to like to practice this when we put him in his cot at bedtime. So, there he is lying on his back and we toddle downstairs all set for a quiet evening and then, a little while later, there's a plaintive cry from upstairs and we have to go and rescue a small child who has got himself stuck not quite on his tummy.


  1. Let me know when he starts on Farley's Rusks as I will be round for a bowl too:)
    He is the cutest little baby.

  2. He is simply glorious! I can't believe how big he is getting it seems like just yesterday he was born! I am glad that you all are loving every moment of it...relish in it!



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