Sunday, 9 August 2009

Growing Up Fast

Today we finally got round to changing DC's pram combo so that we are no longer shoe-horning him in to the carry cot part. He's now in the pushchair part and I don't like it one little bit; feels like he's not my little baby any more. Plus there are more straps and buttons and levers and all sorts of other stuff for me to get used to, just when I thought I had it sorted. Would it be wrong to stunt his growth by forcing him in to the carry cot for a few months longer?

(not sure why it looks like DC and pram are in some sort of white-out when he was just in our hallway)

DC's first grown-up outing was to the local cafe-bar for Sunday brunch. Well, DC had a bottle of milk while hubby & I indulged in a bacon butty and lounge breakfast respectively. And then the boys read the Sports section while I enjoyed my latte.

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