Saturday, 22 August 2009

What's in a Name?

Mostly (or not quite mostly) I am a grown up and I know right from wrong. I know it is wrong to laugh at other people, but sometimes I just can't help myself. There were times in the past when I watched You've Been Framed and nearly wet myself, and this was pre-childbirth so things must have been really funny. Today something tickled me almost as much as seeing an old lady/small child/cute puppy fall in to a hedge/pond/muddy puddle.

Let me give you the background. My job involves reading and indexing the Business section of The Times newspaper. Yawnsville, I know, but my knowledge of quantitative easing is second to none and I bet there's not many people can say that. At the end of the business news comes the Register where you will find the Hatch, Match & Dispatch column, more properly known as Births, Deaths & Marriages. This morning as I was indexing the August 4th edition, my eye came to rest on the Births column, and after a few small smiles at such names as:

Francesca Clementine Aurelia, a sister for Maximilian

Gracie Blue, a cousin for Coco


Jonathan Tiger

I must admit I guffawed at the following - this is the announcement in its entirety:

"Whipple On 4th July 2009, to Deborah (nee Lonsdale) and Richard, a daughter, Miranda Zara Susannah, a sister for Edward and Araminta"

Araminta Whipple.

I was so absolutely taken by this name that I decided to Google it, and it would appear that I'm not the only one. If you are of a kindly nature, you probably won't want to look at

Having noticed that this blog hasn't been updated for a year, I might take up where it left off and update you with any choice little morsels I pick up from The Times.

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