Saturday, 29 August 2009

Name of the Day

Here I am, hard at work at 8am on a Saturday morning. But my day has already been brightened by this announcement from The Times of Thursday 13 August:

Inglis-Jones. On 12th August 2009, to Arabella (Madam Kincaid of Kincaid, nee Lennox) and Giles, a daughter Kalula Charis Hope, a sister for Angus, Jessie, Isabella and Dominic.'

Firstly: 'Madam Kincaid of Kincaid'? What is that? 'Madam' always brings to mind brothels.
Secondly: Kalula? Do they mean Kahlua? Is that what Madam has been drinking?


  1. Every time to tell us about another bizarrely named child it makes me think of the kind of lives the parents are having – clearly they must live the most pretentious lives surrounded with equally pretentious people to get away with such ridiculous names – and these poor children won’t be going to the local comprehensive……

  2. ahem, now for the educational bit - the Madam bit is a Scottish clan title - the rest is child cruelty in my book...

  3. oh, have just discovered Kalula is an airline - Mile High club conception perhaps??

  4. Well, what is wrong with Continental? Or JetBlue? I am going to have another kid just so I can name it Southwest! Too funny...

  5. Surely if you're going to name your child after any airline it should be Virgin?

  6. have also wondered if Kalula is a phonetic way of pronouncing the whisky Caol Ila - so possibly named after a drink - nice.
    Although I feel there may be possibilities for future Wilkinsons - Glenmorangie Wilkinson anyone?


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