Monday, 24 August 2009

Name of the Day

From The Times, 6th August:

"Zavodna-Reekie-Black. On 29th July 2009, to Magda and Matthew, a first born son, Eduard Charles, Deo Gratis"

Assume 'Deo Gratis' is not part of Eduard's nomenclature, along with his triple-barrelled-surname and vaguely mis-spelled first name.

Am sad that hubby & I didn't think of announcing the arrival of DC in The Times, something along the lines of

"Wilkinson. On 20th March 2009, to Wifey and Hubby, a first born son, 17 days late, very wrinkled in appearance, somewhat pretentiously given three first names in vain attempt at social ladder-climbing."

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