Monday, 20 October 2008

Mamma Mia, my blood pressure!

You may remember I mentioned a while back that my blood pressure was a little on the high side. Since then, I've been to see both the doctor and the nurse (on separate occasions) to have it measured again and, I'm glad to say, it has come down to a more acceptable level of 128/89 - still higher than pre-pregnancy but at least it's now not high enough to cause alarm. Slight concern that it is also not high enough to warrant getting a cleaner...

Although, having said that, my trip to the cinema on Friday evening may have cause the old bp to shoot through the roof due to stress caused by the very awful film I saw. Mamma bleedin' Mia. I can't believe my dear friend Liz has now sat through it THREE times. I was cringing with embarrassment almost from the outset at the appalling acting and then the even more appalling singing. I wanted to get under my seat and hide or even go home but I couldn't abandon my Ben & Jerry's ice cream and I thought sure the film would get better, so I decided to stick it out. Well, it didn't get any better, apart from the closing credits which are hysterically funny. Something stuck in my mind throughout the film which was the description given to it by the film reviewer on the Simon Mayo radio show 'It's so bad, it's good'. I'd just like to amend that quote to 'It's so bad, it's bad.' Remind me never to go to an all-singing, all-dancing film ever again.

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  1. Oh come aren't a HS Musical fan???LOL I want to hurt myself everytime Marshall puts the DVD in!...I haven't seen Mamma Mia, but seeing as we have similar taste I won't bother...

    Happy to hear your BP is lower...and to see a great picture of you on your profile! lol...I just like to tease.
    Take care of you


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