Monday, 13 October 2008

A Trip to Dirty London on 'Black Friday'

On Friday international businessman (aka hubby) had a meeting in Dirty London, and so I tagged along for the free ride, despite the fact that it meant leaving the house at 6.30am - well, it's better than paying money to sit (or stand) on a crowded train to get there, isn't it?

Hubby's meeting was in Covent Garden, which is a great place for shopping as it's nice and compact and has plenty of sitting down/coffee drinking/eating opportunities. Luckily, we got there early and had time to start the day with a full English in a lovely greasy spoon cafe - just what the baby wanted... Then hubby had to toddle off and do business with the great and the good, leaving me to spend all my hard earned cash. I started the day with almost an hour in Stanfords, possibly my most favourite bookshop since all it sells is travel books, travel-related books and travel-related 'stuff'. Lovely. Although it did make me just want to set off on another trip. Instead I settled for buying a book on Dubai (possible destination for next trip), a travel magazine and a Christmas present (mucho organised). Then I toddled off to Gap Kids, having spied a 'Sale' poster in their window. Unfortunately, even in the sale Gap is too expensive for me, much as I would love to dress Delightful Child head to toe in their clothes. After that it was time for a wander round Covent Garden market before finally heading off to The Sanctuary Spa where I treated myself to some of their fab-smelling 'Mum To Be' range - it's good to have a treat every now and again! By this time it was 11.30am and I was beginning to flag - time for a drink and a sit down, so I headed for Cafe Nero and grabbed myself a comfy seat. And I somehow managed to stay there til after 12.30pm when 'international businessman' finished his meeting and came to collect me.

But our day out in London wasn't over there. We ventured back in to Covent Garden market for a spot of lunch and then drove to our favourite part of the capital - Marylebone High Street, where we spent a happy hour or so in the shops, most especially the Cath Kidston shop where I want to buy absolutely everything. As we wandered along, hubby told me that the Stock Market had crashed and lost 10% of its value. A major crisis indeed, although not for the likes of me since I have no stocks or shares. I am also unconcerned by the fact that banks and building societies are crumbling left, right and centre for, as well as having no shares, I also have no savings! Who would have thought there was ever a good time to be so financially unastute?! Might I suggest that everyone follows my lead - spend all your money and make sure your bank account is in the red so that if your bank should fold, they only take your debt and not your hard earned cash. I see a possible future as an Independent Financial Advisor...

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